Sean Paul . Suh mi High . Behind The Scenes

November 3, 2018

On set with Sean Paul ” Suh Mi High”
Sean Paul . Suh Mi High .

Every dance party ever EVER, always ALWAYS includes the musical stylings of THE Sean Paul.

In fact I’m pretty sure every CD I’ve ever burned includes Sean Paul ( yes, I still burn CD’s for my car).

I was beyond thrilled when I was invited to both visit & shoot some Behind the Scenes
on the set of his latest music video for “Suh Mi High”
Co- Directed by Jonathan ‘Diggz’ Poirier III & Co-Directed/Shot by Martin Wojtunik.

Still with quite the tiny baby at home, I stopped by the set for a quick 45 minutes to capture a taste of what the shoot was like.
The small after hours location (which was the main location for the shoot) was filled to the brim with dancers, entourage & I guess you could say a little smoke
…okay, there was a lot of smoke.

It was a fun way to get out & hit  “play” on my shooting again after a few months of being on pause to have little baby Noah!

Edited of course by my talented FLOFOTO partner Tennille, please enjoy some BTS of the latest Sean Paul goods!

BTS Music Video
Artist: Sean Paul
Director: Martin Wojtunik/Jonathan Poirier III
Location: Toronto, ON