WELCOME to FLOFOTO photography

So HI!! We are Zoe + Tennille !

We’re just two best buds who LOVE hangin’ out & telling stories through the lens! SO much so that we’ve been going hard at it for 8 years now, travelling & capturing life & love from all over & we can honestly say we love it even more with every passing job, client & experience!

Retiring wouldn’t stop us & winning the lottery would only fund it further.


Toronto & Sudbury Photographers

Our approach / Photographic Style can be described as Documentary Lifestyle Photography or “ Day in the life”!
It’s classic, timeless & SO REAL, it hurts our hearts in all the right places.
We’ve covered weddings, elopements, engagement, family portraits etc & all that means ..is we’ve covered LIFE. We treat every shoot as just a life experience & cover it exactly that way as well. We want your life event to be photographed in a way that showcases those moments that slip through the nooks & crannies. Time is absolutely fleeting, especially on a wedding day & we’re here to remind you of EVERYTHING that happens from start to finish.We’re not the pose’iest of photographers. We really just let you reveal yourselves to us & truthfully, every client to date has forgotten the camera was present after a comedic 15 minutes. After that, life tends to unfold naturally & that’s when we get to the good stuff.


Toronto & Sudbury Wedding & Life Photography

We are here to help you remember. We are here to preserve your greatest life moments & help you share that with generations to come.  It’s an investment, but it’s something that gives time a run for its money!

Contact us using the contact page & we’ll talk about setting up a coffee hangout or a phone hang to discuss things more.

We have a few options to best fit any couple’s day & for those of you that are a bit further away, WE LOVE TO TRAVEL!! Let us know your info & your budget & let’s see if we can have a good ol’ hang.


This is the part where we get to start a new adventure so let’s get to it!

Toronto / 416.559.7652
Sudbury / 705.562.8887

OR  email  zoe@flofoto.ca

Give us a call or send us a text  & we’ll be quick to send you a pricing brochure & answer any questions you have.

If you’re interested in sitting for a consultation, we’re happy to grab a coffee & get to know our potential new BFFs! (That’s you)

I guess we’ll just sit here & wait for excitement. **stares at phone eagerly**