Emma : Life as Mark & life as ME

April 17, 2017

I approached Tennille with the thought of shooting some photos to accompany the announcement that I was transgender in 2016. I didn’t really have a clear idea of what
I wanted, but I expressed to her that I’ve always been exclusively perceived as intelligent, & wanted to be perceived as beautiful for once.

Tennille was enthusiastic from the get-go, but things happened to distract us both. I became impatient with my closet, made my announcement with a mediocre selfie,
& let the project slip from my mind. But Tennille’s continued enthusiasm was infectious. She proposed that we create a high concept series that highlighted the struggles
of my past & the peace I’ve found in the present.

I’ve never wanted to compartmentalize my past the way a lot of trans people do, but there is an undeniable distinction to be made between my life as Mark
& my life as Emma.

Model :  Emma McAllister
Hair :  Jerica Wentzell
Makeup :  Jessi Smith
Photography :  Flofoto Photography
Guest Writer :  Emma McAllister