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November 17, 2020

Okay! Let’s talk Bridal Party Portraits!

Throughout a wedding day, there are many important frames to capture. The detail shot of the dress, potentially “the first look”, THE “KISS” after the “I do” etc. One capture that most of the industry will agree belongs on a pedestal is THE BRIDAL PARTY PORTRAITS (Bahm bahm BAAAAHM).

A frame like this is something we take very seriously & in some cases even wind up experimenting with more than once throughout the day (depending on how much time we have). It’s a frame that has its potential to be a stoic Vanity Fair cover or a total infectious laugh riot. No matter the direction, we always attempt both.

The setup can take quite some time but once it’s achieved, the natural laughter the group is experiencing is EVERYTHING. Because of this, we of course are able to capture the big moment of everyone together BUT we believe the close up nooks & crannies of such a candidly energetic event deserve a highlight as well. This moment doesn’t have to be stiff & overly traditional. It can be revealingly warm & hilarious & we’ve come to love this moment because of that truth.

We originally set out to make a blog showcasing a collection of our favourite bridal party photos over the last 5 wedding seasons BUT we realized that our favourites were sometimes before & after frames from the build up of the “BIG picture” which in actuality is a “BIG moment”.

Below we’ve curated some of our favourites to show you that very important moment. After all, these people standing for you are typically the pillars of your earth. The people you call when you need something, ANYTHING.

This is our way of making certain their laughs are memorable for years to come. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed reliving the fun from our bridal party portraits! To view the full weddings of these storylines, visit our STORIES section.

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