Dance Evolution Creative Smoke Machine

May 7, 2016

This summer we had the incredible Opportunity to, once again shoot with the amazingly talented gang at Dance Evolution !

This time we decided a smoke machine was mandatory & my goodness was it just the best decision yet!

Along with Ali Loney, long time friend & Owner of Dance Evolution, a handful of very talented dancers, a smoke machine, music, lighting, garbage bags, a trampoline & BIG imaginations…

it was a room full of passionate artists equipped with lots of toys, so we got to playing!

We decided to shoot alongside each other & to experiment with both fast & slow shutter speeds to achieve very different looks & feelings, all during the same setups. With the slower shutter speed & the use of strobes, we were able to freeze up to 3 or 4 poses throughout a dance, telling a story of the movement all in one frame. Using the same lighting & simply adjusting to a very fast shutter speed, we were able to create an entirely different look & feeling, all presented in the photos below.

We hope you enjoy the stock  & remember, when in doubt…smoke machine!


Big Thanks to –

Ali Loney, Owner Dance Evolution for donating her studio, her time & energy, for organizing all of the dancers & for being an overall amazing woman & role model.

The crazy talented Dancers, Tessa Zuck, Hannah Savoie, Emma Odekirk, Marisa Serre, Dina Pizzacalla & Haley Duchesne for their time & energy! Many of these incredible woman have been accepted &/or have trained at the Quinte Ballet school, Ballet Jorgen & National Ballet of Canada.

Stacey Lalande, friend & owner of Mirth Photography, for the use of her lighting system.GoodSoundAdvice, for the last minute smoke machine rental. ( have we mentioned how much we love smoke machines?) & to The dollar store, for being open early in the morning & stocking paper clips & garbage bags, which helped us mould a lot of the lighting setups.