JUST GO EAT AT PINCHMAN’S BAKERY . Commercial Food Photography

March 28, 2018

Yep! Not a food critique &/or food blogger.  Just a photographer as well as a person with a mouth that believes MOST people will agree that this bakery is crazy delicious.

Ya got croissants, cakes, cookies, crepes …a bunch of tasty stuff that starts with “c”, essentially.   Just, lets stop talking about it & go eat there already.

Big thanks to Studio 123 who did an amazing job on their website & who time & time again throw FLOFOTO the opportunity of working on these types of very fun filled shoots!  I love working for this team. They always have the best solutions for any client in need. (highly highly recommend!)

Overall, here are the photos from that day, but just skip ’em & go eat there instead. Go!

End of Blog.


2037 Long Lake Rd, Block B, Unit 8B
Sudbury, ON P3E 6J9