Sudbury family photography . Ontario . You are my sunshine

October 14, 2020

Well, as far as Sudbury family photography goes, (or any photography session for that matter) lighting is EVERYTHING & I’m very confident stating we hit the jackpot during this session with this incredibly energetic family.

With help from the family, we tracked down THE perfect location absolutely covered in wild flowers. With a dollop of lens flare, it quickly became the most lively family photography session.

Of course it didn’t hurt that this particular family was all smiles & their daughter was more than ready for her “close up”! (This kid could “VOGUE”. Jus’ sayin’.)

After a few fun traditional family setups, we got to focus on the silly candid life & truly nothing will ever make anyone laugh harder than holding a toddler upside down. Repeat after me …”INSTA GIGGLES!!!”

Any who, here’s a look at our vibrantly animated Sudbury family portrait session from that very sunny day & we can’t wait to share so much more of our summer & fall family photography soon!

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We love shooting in Sudbury & Toronto & hope to witness many silly family hangs with our lenses in the future!