Hangin’ with Lil P & Posse (parents) . Sudbury Family Portrait

August 21, 2017

It’s our latest Sudbury Family Portrait on a relaxing summer evening!

Hangin’ with this bunch was a blast! Lil P was FILLED with energy & I’m certain the photos will show just that. This family looks like they do everything together & they’re expecting a new member any day now too! #4besties4life

..actually 5 besties if you include Hank, the awesome dog. (That’s right. We’re on a first name basis with Hank. Dreams DO come true.)

Anywho, there was jumping on the bed, walking sunset trails among the trees, swingin’ about at the park & even indulging in some cookies AND lollipops. ***insanity***

Take a look through the fun & enjoy some of the best frames of the day.

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We love shooting in Sudbury & Toronto & hope to witness many silly fam hangs with our lenses in the future!