May 8, 2020

I’m going to start this blog by saying WE ARE SO LUCKY to have travelled & captured life & love in so many awe inspiring wedding venues. That being said, we want to talk a little bit about the importance of choosing a wedding venue.

A wedding venue is the backdrop to one of THE happiest days of your life. It’s the setting that will fill itself with your most loved family & friends. Your favourite songs will echo their melody throughout its walls & fields. For some, this magical place may even be the setting for the moment you meaningfully say “I do”. For most it will be where you share tears & laughter over the sound of clinking wine glasses as the sun sets, after which the night will erupt in awesome/drunken dance moves & embarrassing wedding traditions in front of family members.

The question is “What type of wedding venue works best for YOUR needs?” Is the calm nature on the lake in the Muskokas at the top of your list or do you appreciate modern architecture in a happening city like Toronto? There’s quite the variety when it comes to “location spirit animals”.

Because we would like for these amazing dream location opportunities to continue in our lives, we have decided to create a discount bucket list.

This discount bucket list is a list that may change from year to year but ultimately is a list of wedding venues we’ve dreamed of & have not yet had the chance to capture.

Many of our opportunities have taken place in venues Worldwide so to start the list off we thought it was time we made a point of photographing more of the incredible dream spaces we haven’t yet had the pleasure of capturing right here, in beautiful Ontario BUT!! we very well may expand this list to our wildest dreams in time. (Pluto?)


Well, since you asked… lol. If you’re a bride eyeing any of these locations, we plan to give you a discount of $1000 off of any one of our wedding packages. Simply review our recommendations below & then send us an inquiry via email or text & we’ll happily send you our wedding brochure. If you feel you’d like a FaceTime consultation, we’ll set one up & get to dishing immediately about a) how fun your wedding will be & b) any further details about our potential adventure together.

We LOVE our job & we’re dreaming of a day where we can continue to document incredible love stories in beautiful locations. Given the confusing state of our world, we can think of no better time to help out our future couples with this discount.

Stay safe & healthy, friends!

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