May 7, 2017

HOLY HECK!!! Another HUGE opportunity landed in our laps, yet again!  Ladies & gentlemen, we hope you enjoy this years Cinefest poster…(wait for gloating)
BECAUSE WE SHOT IT!!!!! woooooo!!!  …with of course the help of Avengers Calibre Sudbury Team.

Huge thanks to Tony Jurgilas from 50 Carleton. This was 100% his vision & as you can see via the beautiful makeup, Jessi Smith brought said vision to life. #andhow
More necessary thanks to the use of the 3190 art room at Cambrian College, often supervised by the lovely Johanna Westby who was there to help us out any way
possible that day.  Thank you to Starlotte Dresen as well as Andrea Solski for taking time to act as background models in some of our frames that day.

Last but in no way least, Massive thank you to our gorgeous face of Cinefest beauty this year, Andrea Senior who endured ample time in the makeup chair &
absolutely killed it in front of the lens.  #JUSTkillinit

Here it is Y’all!! Hope you enjoy & cannot wait for the festival this year! #cinfest2016

Cinefest 2016

Sudbury, ON