:: TICKLE FIGHT :: Sudbury Family Portrait . Ontario

December 16, 2019

Here’s a look at our latest Sudbury Family Portrait in which case the BEST & MOST EPIC TICKLE FIGHT WAS HAD!!

Before we go forward, I should state the very ACCURATE Winter Wonderland this family took a stroll through was absolutely noteworthy & the cozy cute “family decorating the Christmas tree” scene was beautiful as well …BUT THIS TICKLE FIGHT…!!!

I mean, A) the fam was wearing matching PJ’s which is THE HEIGHT of luxury, but then B) this fam just got so perfectly energetic about it. Here, I’ll just let you take a look & see for yourselves. I mean the pictures really do it justice.

Overall, it was a blast of a family portrait & we’re happy to wish everyone Happy Holidays!! Enjoy the frames & can’t wait to share so much more in the New year!!

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We love shooting in Sudbury & Toronto & hope to witness many silly fam hangs with our lenses in the future!