Lisa + Jack Manitoulin Wedding

April 18, 2018

We asked this Manitoulin Wedding Bride & Groom to share her most memorable moment with us, Here’s what they had to say β€”


“When we were getting ready to do our first dance, Jack hijacked the mic from our MC, saying he had something he wanted to say first. He got up and started talking about a Christmas gift I’d gotten him years ago, well before we’d started talking about marriage: a handmade set of “free dance” coupons. He’d saved them in his wallet since then, and brought one out and “redeemed” it for our first dance. ”


“After the ceremony we had an opportunity to take some “fun” photos around the Camp. After we’d done a few of our shots together, Lisa brought out a really nice blue head scarf and a set of pink sunglasses that she had lying around, and Zoe and Tennille instantly jumped on it. I ran and grabbed my old Honda motorcycle and we ripped up and down the driveway, snapping photos. Just as we were almost done, the bike started to die. Sitting there, 20 minutes after getting married, flying down the driveway, wedding dress bunched up between us, Lisa and I start doing a team troubleshoot of my bike. “Did it drop a cylinder?” “Is it the carb? Is the float stuck again?” “What about the fuel valve?” I can’t imagine a more perfect summation of our relationship than that.”

Location: Private Waterfront Family Property on Manitoulin Island
Hair & Make up: Bride + sister-in-law (ish)
Decor: Bride + Groom
Flowers: Ordered from Zehrs + Costco, arranged by Bride
Favours: Bride, Groom, Groom’s mother Sue Weedon
Planner: Bride + Groom
Dresses +/or suits: Bride’s dress from Taylor’s Bridal(Elmira, ON), bridesmaids dresses from David’s Bridal, all suits from Stars Men’s Shop(Guelph, ON)
DJ &/or Band: Red’s DJ(Sudbury, ON)
Caterer: Manitoulin Hotel + Conference Centre
Rings: Kahn Jewellery(Guelph, ON)