Sudbury Family Portrait . starring BUBBLES!! . Ontario

October 9, 2019

Its our latest Sudbury Family Portrait & we can’t wait to show off this bubble packed experience!

That’s RIGHT!! Ya Heard me!!! BUBBLES!!!

This fam was kind, cozy & super ready to run ’round in the bubble chaos & it made for the most delightful photos, because truly…who doesn’t like bubbles? I’m sorry, …i meant who doesn’t LOVE bubbles? My apologies.

Anywho, after a fun hangout in a hammock swing / bubble parade, the fam sat & enjoyed a bundle of ice cream sandies simply because THAT is how its done folks. Overall, it was just such a blast & we hope you enjoy our fave frames from that day!

To Book a FLOFOTO Family Portrait, simply send us an email via our contact page listed above!
We love shooting in Sudbury & Toronto & hope to witness many silly fam hangs with our lenses in the future!